How to use Tretinoin Cream for Acne

How to use Tretinoin Cream for Acne?

How to use Tretinoin Cream for Acne

So many people are faced with the notorious issue of acne. We all desire to look great and be accepted, and this is why acne affects not just the skin but also our lives.

How to use Tretinoin Cream for Acne

Some persons who haven’t experienced the rough blow of acne may not understand how it can influence a person’s self esteem. 

A blemish no matter how small can make a person feel less confident about their face, their looks, and eventually, themselves.

In addition, studies have shown that people with acne pass through the same social, psychological and emotional shake down at the similar levels as those facing chronic health problems like diabetes, epilepsy, and arthritis! So, as much as we’d love to deny it, the social impact of acne is immense.

Some Common Social Impacts of Acne on an Individual

Let’s be more specific; some of the social challenges faced by people with acne are:

1. Low Self Esteem

Acne affects how people view themselves and make them feel less confident about their skin, and who they are. People faced with this problem can’t help imagining how they would look if they had an acne free face, how much attractive they’d be and how people they fancied may have liked them better – that in the end, breed low self esteem.

Although acne affect people of all ages, it is more predominant among teenagers. Roughly 85% of people around the ages of 12 and 25 develop acne. The social impact is immense at this point because teenagers experience it at a time when they are trying to develop their personalities; and when peer acceptance is important.

2. Acne causes embarrassment

We all want to look good, any feature that discourages that is detrimental and since acne typically appears in the face, we tend to become more embarrassed by it. You’ll find people avoiding eye contacts with others, growing long hairs to cover the face, or wearing heavy make up to cover the spots. 

But what if we can have a solution to all our acne problems? What if we could reclaim ourselves from these menacing spots?

3. Withdrawal from social relationship

Acne provokes taunting/mockery from peers, especially when it is on the face. Some person’s find it difficult to engage in new relationship with others especially the opposite sex. At that point, we feel like the blemishes are the first thing others see and we begin to wonder if it disqualifies us from their affection. 

More so, since acne occurs mostly in teenagers who are just starting to grow relationships, it causes them to shrink, and withdraw socially.

4. Acne affects Education/work too

Children with acne may sometimes avoid school or find it difficult to concentrate resulting to poor academic performance. Adults are not left out too; when chronic acne affects people, they feel pressured to take sick days from work and tend to themselves; this puts their jobs or means of livelihood at risk.

Lastly, acne also reduces career options that a person would otherwise have. Occupations such as modeling are completely out of the list of a person with acne; because such jobs are based on appearance!

The bad news is that sometimes, you can’t prevent acne from occurring, but the good news is that you can procure a fast, efficient and healthy treatment for it.

Confused? Learn How to Choose the Right Acne Treatment Here

It is crucial that you make the right choice when treating acne because the wrong product can leave your face in a devastating and worst state than before.

Factors to consider “How to use Tretinoin Cream for Acne”:

  • Understand the available options: You can either use cleansers, medicated lotion creams, gels or ointments
  • Pick the most effective for your acne problem: The type of product should depend on the skin type.
  • Oily skin: use foaming cleansers, gels and lotions.
  • Normal or dry skin: non-foaming cream cleansers, lotions, gels and alcohol free toner.
  • Check the Active Ingredients in the product

Always consider the active ingredients. Benzoyl peroxide or Salicylic acids are the most effective ingredients in OTC acne treatment products. Also, choose the right concentration. 

Salicylic acid may appear in strengths from 0.5 percent (less effective) to 2 percent (very effective) while Benzoyl peroxide may come between 2.5 percent and 10 percent.

When checking for concentration, focus on the content and not the cost.

Do Not Let Acne Stop You! Procure an acne treatment that works.

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